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70 is the new 40

70 is the New 40

The final test for our abilities to design the packaging system for a concept store. Our mission was to brand a new retail store to fill gaps in the retail industry today. After we defined the problem, we found a solution by introducing the target audience and designing the appropriate package system for items sold in the store. Our approach to this project was to fill a major retail gap in the market: selling products and packaging for elderly. This system led to a vacation themed store for people over 60 years old, still active, and looking to get out of the house. The brands in this store included the subject matter of pets, travel, hobbies, entertainment and games, health, nutrition and exercise catered towards the older generations. 


Concept Store Branding & Packaging


Yvonne Anaya, YiJun Lin, Celina Oh, and Ximeng Tong


Package Design 4


Tom McNulty


Fall 2017