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Life is Ruff. Get a Dog.

Life is Ruff. Get a Dog.

With extensive research and analyzation of the current market trends, our goal was to design and build a smartphone application. It must utilize the best design style for the audience to navigate through each screen with ease and be unique in its specific market. With pet loss and animal shelters growing each year, the goal of this application was to educate pet owners and pet lovers about the specific animal species on their diet, health needs, and medical information. To further the knowledge of pet owners, this app allows for specifications about pets and animals based on their species. The AniMate app even includes a personal touch where users can take photos of their pets and watch the animals get “animated” in their reports. The app will create a profile to show the distinct needs of the animal for the owner to track.


Phone Application


Graphic Design 3


Sarah Seward


Fall 2016